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Beverly Hospital

Serving the community since 1949

Beverly Hospital is an award-winning, nationally recognized non-profit hospital serving East LA and the surrounding communities. We provide the full range of inpatient and outpatient care.

Beverly Hospital & the Community

The tradition of a hospital that cares for members of its community started over 65 years ago and continues today. While our core mission is to meet the needs of the community, those needs evolve over time.

To continue providing outstanding healthcare services and valuable community programs, Beverly Hospital evaluates the needs of the community on an on-going basis through a Community Needs Assessment and plans for the future accordingly.

Often Beverly Hospital takes its services out of the walls of the hospital directly into the community. Our outreach activities help us to offer a healthier lifestyle through health screenings, physician lectures, immunization clinics, nutrition programs, maternity education, children and seniors programs, and more.

Throughout the years, Beverly Hospital has developed strong partnerships with schools, businesses, and local and national organizations to provide resources that would benefit the community.

Community Health Needs Assessment